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Lemonade Probiotic Chews

Lemonade Probiotic Chews


  • One bag of chews (1-month supply)
  • Shipped: One time ($1.50 S&H)
Price: $14.99


  • One bag of chews (1-month supply)
  • Auto-shipped: Every month - cancel anytime
Price: $12.99 per month


  • Three bags of chews (3-month supply)
  • Auto-shipped: Every 3 months - cancel anytime
Price: $11.99 per month

Lemonade Probiotic Chews

Adia Nutrition Lemonade Probiotic Chews were made for kids, but adults and workout enthusiasts love them too! When you’re craving a sweet candy-like treat, reach for a chew! Our chews are individually wrapped so they’re great on the go and kids LOVE them.  With just 3 grams of natural sugar and the amount of healthy bacteria found in a serving of yogurt, they’ll help curb your sweet tooth or give you the extra kick you’re looking for before or during a long workout. Unwrap and enjoy a sweet probiotic boost to your day!

Quick Overview
  •  Only 3 grams natural sugar
  • 1 Billion LIVE Probiotics
  • Just 20 calories!